• Examination rooms equipped with scales, stadiometers, ECG, baumanometers and appropriate equipment for measuring vital signs and other medical procedures.
  • Pharmacy with restricted access, daily temperature control and monitoring of ambient conditions (15-25 ° C) and refrigerators (2-8 ° C).
  • Area for collection and processing of biological samples equipped with centrifuges, incubator, freezer <-20 ° C.
  • Basic emergency care equipment.
  • Study Coordination office equipped with direct line fax, multifunction printers, computers, broadband internet, telephone, cabinets for storage of clinical files and materials.
  • Monitoring area.
  • Area for storage of laboratory kits and materials with control of temperature.
  • Administrative offices.
  • Waiting room, toilets, reception.
  • Document storage area.
  • ipad